Submission Guidelines

God is Sometimes Great welcomes your submissions enthusiastically. Send them to robshry AT We accept both news articles and “longreads”. In all cases, we reserve the right to not print your article. We’ll also probably request you make some changes – nobodies writing is perfect. Trust me, I know this from editing my own.

And you will be paid nothing, as we are. But you will get  the greatest gift of all – our respect and love.

We welcome all perspectives that are not racist, sexist, or otherwise horrifying. Use common sense.

For news articles, please,

  • Use 750 words or less. Shoot for 300-500.
  • Spellcheck it.
  • Use profanity sensibly.
  • Preferably, include a picture that you took or is Creative Commons.

For longer, reflective, essays or “longreads”,

  • Use 750-1250 words, approximately.
  • Make it fair, but not necessarily balanced.
  • Give us a new perspective on a tired topic.

Again, send them to robshry AT Also, email me there if you have any questions!

Thanks for submitting.


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