About This Blog

Our name, “God Is Sometimes Great”, is a play on Christopher Hitchens’ book “God Is Not Great”. This blog seeks to contribute to a better understanding of religion, one that acknowledges the good along with the bad, one that looks at the way people live religion in their everyday lives. We welcome your comments and criticisms.

About The Authors:

Rob Shryock – Founder, Lead Writer and Editor

I am a soon-to-graduate religion major at Reed College in Portland, Oregon and aspiring journalist. I’m currently writing a thesis about contemporary Christian worship music.  I’m passionate about journalism, religion, and how one can report responsibly on the complex ways religion works in the world. I report on issues of religion and public life, religion and sexuality, feminist and radical perspectives on religion, etc.

Alan Montecillo – Writer and Social Media Editor

I’m a senior Chinese literature major at Reed College. My main topics of interest on this blog include Catholicism, sports, pop culture, and all things East Asia. I’ve been a practicing Catholic my entire life, but my faith journey has been far more interesting than the phrase “my entire life” would indicate. Here, I provide the emic to Rob’s etic. Or something like that.


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