God Is Sometimes Great Says bye for now (and Rob is still around)

Hey all,

So as you might have noticed, the last few months around here have been dead silent. I spent most of the fall writing blog posts for Religion Dispatches and long-form pieces for other websites, and neglected this blog. Meanwhile, Alan is off being a real person, which is totally good for him, though it meant this blog was entirely silent for quite some time.

With a real job with ever-increasing responsibilities, and a growing desire to do long-form pieces with the little time I have, and most importantly, our domain registration about to run out, I’ve decided to declare God is Sometimes Great on indefinite hiatus. I’ll be taking down this blog in the next couple days and transferring the old posts to the old WordPress domain.

I (Rob) will still be writing for the foreseeable future. If you liked what you saw on this website enough to follow my attempts to do “real” journalism, you can follow me in two places: my Twitter or my personal website. If you want writings delivered straight to your inbox, you can fill out the form on my website or follow my RSS feed to notify you any time I write new stuff.

Also, to those few folks who did read this blog: thanks for reading, giving me good feedback, and generally being awesome.


Rob Shryock

P.S. If you commented a while ago and it didn’t get posted, I’m sorry! There are about a thousand spam comments in the inbox, so I can’t sort through and find yours. But contact me at my new website and I’m happy to chat!



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