If Ray Kelly Becomes Secretary of Homeland Security

Ray Kelly, the police commissioner of New York has been, in my mind, the worst police commissioner to ever grace an American city. His program of extensive targeted spying against Muslims developed no leads and violated the first and fifth amendment rights of the entire Muslim community. He also is very pro-racial profiling, instituted New York’s barbaric and racist stop-and-frisk policy, and routinely exaggerates his record both on crime-stopping and terrorism foiling. Although the murder rate in New York went down under Kelly, it went down at the same rate that the murder rate went down nationally. Also, he claimed to have foiled fourteen terrorism plots, when in reality he only foiled two to three – three more were cases of entrapment, and the rest were either deemed not terrorism by other agencies or generated no criminal cases at all.

Now, for some reason, Barack Obama has hinted that Ray Kelly might be a good choice for Secretary of Homeland Security. Muslims are understandably upset. This is like if Barack Obama said he would really like Joe McCarthy to be put in charge of tracking down Communists.

Why Obama would think its a good idea to even hint that Kelly would be a good candidate is beyond me. Maybe he wants to be perceived as strong on persecution defense. But in the wake of his comments about the necessity of ending racial profiling that came in reaction to the George Zimmerman case, it would be a stunningly hypocritical move.



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