“Would You Ever Give In To…Um…Muslim Sensitivities?”: A Fox and Friends Play By Play

Fox and Friends is apparently just as sexist towards Muslim women as they are towards all women.

In a conversation with Donald Trump, Fox and Friends host Gretchen Carlson asked Trump if he had anything to say about the Miss World Pageant removing the bikini portion of their Indonesian competition out of fear it would offend the local Muslim populace.

Trump said that since he owned Miss Universe, he was actually very happy about it, because without bikinis nobody was going to watch Miss World.

Gretchen Carlson laughed awkwardly, perhaps slightly upset that Trump had not even cared to pretend that he believed women who participate in pageants are humans.

Steve Doocy followed up, “Would you ever give into…um….Muslim sensitivities?” (He decided against “terrorists” at the last possible moment.)

Trump said that the “easy answer” was to not have a pageant in Indonesia. Because Miss Universe is really Miss Western Universe, I guess.

Anyway, Steve Doocy said, “If Donald Trump is doing a beauty pageant, people are going to be wearing bikinis.”

“I can guarantee that,” replied Trump.

Doocy, thrilled with the fact that he would not be denied the opportunity to leer at women’s bodies, shouted, “Take it to the bank!”


Everyone was quite amused with themselves.

No sooner did Doocy finish his statement than co-host Brian Klimeade cut in, “What about a best burqua [competition]? As a compromise?” Actually, the compromise is a one-piece bathing suit, but that didn’t stop Klimeade from making a stupid, racist joke! (Besides the fact that his joke was stupid and racist, I should note that Klimeade’s comedic timing was horrible.)

Creeping Shar’ia.

Trump then mumbled some gibberish about how soon the whole world would be Muslims. Because I guess when you respect the night of nations to self-determination, THE TERRORISTS WIN!

Somewhere, this footage is getting put into an al-Qaeda training video.

You can watch it here. Well, not the future al-Qaeda training video, just the Fox News segment.


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