Sunday Roundup: June 9th, 2013

Turkey News Roundup, Fucked-Up News Roundup, Restore Your Faith in Humanity News Roundup, Compelling Essays Roundup.

Turkey News Roundup:

  • Gawker goes over the basics.
  • One Turkish protestor’s slogan reads, “You are messing with youth who grew up fighting police in GTA.” Kotaku analyzes how the language of violent video games has taken root in Turkish protests.
  • An interview with a Gezi Park protestor at Boing Boing.

  • Loonwatch critiques the application of Western tropes about Islam to the Turkish protests.
  • Religion News Service discusses the restrictions on alcohol that helped drive the protests.
  • The BBC focuses on the growing antagonism towards Turkey’s PM.
  • The Guardian has an ongoing, often-updated live feed.

Fucked-Up News Roundup:

  • A Colorado Bakery refused to make a cake for a gay wedding but decided to make a cake for a dog wedding. But if dog weddings are okay, what’s to stop a man from marrying a man? IT’S ALL A SLIPPERY SLOPE, PEOPLE.
  • Whenever another student does the Lord’s prayer at graduation in “protest” of official policy which prohibits graduation prayers. That’s right, we’re here, we’re a majority, and dammit, we’re not going to take it (by it, I mean our lack of total control over the public sphere) anymore!
  • Will Smith’s interview with New York Magazine about his new Scientology-inspired movie, After Earth. So many problematic assertions about religion.

  • Tony Blair’s assertion that there is a “problem with Islam.”
  • The FBI is finally going to start tracking hate crimes against Muslims, Hindus, and Sikhs – in 2015.
  • Bill O’Reilly giving the head of the English Defense League (EDL), “Tommy Robinson” (not his real name, which is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) a significant amount of Islam-bashing airtime, despite the fact that the EDL is basically a group of far right semi-Nazi thugs. O’Reilly also allowed Tommy/Stephen to brag about the EDL’s “Jewish Division”, despite the fact that the head of the Jewish division resigned two years ago because of all the Nazis in the group.
  • At Evangel University in Missouri, you can be fined $25 dollars for dancing and $100 dollars for oral sex. The fact that its banned doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the punishment. It’s like the school is saying, “You can have sex, but we’re going to charge you for it.”
  • Missouri’s governor vetoed an anti- “Foreign Law” bill, but only because it could threaten adoptions, which require the use of foreign law. In other words, it was vetoed because it could have hurt white people.

Restore Your Faith In Humanity News Roundup:

  • Costco is growing much, much faster than Wal-Mart, and it treats its employees a whole lot better (promoting internally, paying higher hourly wages, working with unions).
  • Pope Francis stood up against wasteful practices in the western world. Specifically, he said that wasting food was like stealing from the poor.
  • A former guard at Guantanamo converted to Islam and spoke out against the many human rights abuses there.
  • Several biblical scholars have come out against the idea that marriage between one man and one woman is in the Bible.
  • After Megyn Kelly owned some sexists on Fox News, Rachel Held Evans wrote an article about how gender roles aren’t biblical.
  • This picture of a bunny and a capybara.


Compelling Essays Roundup:

  • An impassioned defense of Kanye West/Yeezus by Kia Macarechi, the Huffington Post‘s Entertainment Editor.
  • Instead of ignoring her Nazi past, one German woman wrote a book in the form of a detailed apology to a friend about how and why she became a Nazi. Because genocide isn’t just a thing the Germans did once, an insider’s engagement with how people can become so single-mindedly violent is incredibly important.
  • The only reason Republicans got behind John Boehner in the budget conflict was because God told them to. At an extremely convenient time. Hmmm.
  • Can a Christian watch Game of Thrones? Yes, argues David Gibson.
  • Loonwatch’s article, “How Come It’s Not Terrorism When a White Guy from the South Does it?” Good question.
  • Karen Armstrong could never pray properly. Not ever. Not even when she was a nun.

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