Sunday Roundup: New Beginnings

So, the Sunday Roundup has gotten kind of bloated (and, I assume, useless to many of you). Instead of bouncing between 20 or so stories a week, I’m just going to focus on a few and try to keep the word count down. I may also avoid mainstream stories in favor of more marginal stories. Hopefully, it’ll be more readable and informative. I appreciate any feedback you guys have about this change.

To the news!

An Australian Cardinal named George Pell blamed the slow response to the Catholic Church abuse scandals on the fact that the church leadership didn’t “gossip”. To quote Pell, “If we’d been gossips, which we weren’t … we would have realized earlier just how widespread this business was.” Yeah, I’m sure THAT was your problem. Also, “gossiping” is sort of about trivial matters, I believing “gossiping” about the sexual abuse of children is called “reporting” it.

An atheist tried to sell their spot in heaven on Ebay. The bidding had nearly reached 100K when Ebay took it down. Hasn’t this guy ever heard of hedging your bets?

Speaking of atheism, homosexual kids can now be boy scouts, but Atheists still can’t be. The boy scouts are just furthering the stereotype that atheists don’t have morals. I’ve never understood this stereotype. Have you ever met an atheist? They don’t just go around town having non-missionary sex and snorting coke. In fact, they’re more or less pretty boring people. For god’s sake, the seminal figure of modern atheism is an astronomer! Chris Stedman put this way more eloquently than I have in a recent HuffPo article.

Is Dan Savage getting religion? The gay, sex columnist (notice the comma, sticklers) urged Christians to redefine Christianity as pro-LGBT. Perhaps in response, perpetually awesome Christian feminist Rachel Held Evans let LGBT Christians know that she has “got their back.”

Anthony Weiner dodged a question about how he felt about Jewish circumcision practices that have been connected to Herpes. Cue more “Weiner” jokes.

A recent Pew Forum study alleged that, “Muslims who use the Internet are much more likely to see similarities between Islam and Christianity, and have favorable views of Western music, film, and television.” An easy solution to the Clash of Civilizations. Redditors of the world, unite! (Actually, I’m not super comfortable with Reddit being how people are introduced to western culture. I kind of preferred when it was Friends that did that).

I’ve got a bunch of three-quarters finished articles on the burner. Expect them soon. And see you all next week!


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