Muslims, just don’t buy pressure cookers

Remember when Geraldo Rivera responded to the murder of Trayvon Martin by saying, “Black people shouldn’t wear hoodies?” Well, maybe its time for Muslims to discontinue the purchase and use of pressure cookers as well.

A Saudi Arabian student in Michigan (although not a single article has specified where in Michigan) was spotted by a neighbor of his walking around with a pressure cooker. She, being a reasonable citizen of this country, called it in to the FBI, referring to the pressure cooker as “bullet-colored.”

The FBI investigated, knocking on the students door. The student told them he was bringing kabsa, a traditional Saudi rice dish, to a friend’s house.  They proceeded to ask him a number of probing questions and, in what is truly a tremendous incidence of victim-blaming, advised him to not venture out of his house with a pressure cooker again.

Black people shouldn’t wear hoodies. Muslims shouldn’t use pressure cookers.

However, I suppose if he was living in Oregon and just wanted to walk around with an AK-47, that’d be alright. America!


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