Sunday non-bombing Roundup: Nagging Wives=Water Torture, Hipster Jesus, Strapping Muslim Socialists

Again, two big things happened this week, and it seems worth dividing the Sunday Roundup again. So this part of the Roundup will only cover news not related to the Boston Marathon Bombing, and another article will summarize many of the analyses that we’ve been seeing in the past week.

So……to the news!

President Obama ain’t the “strapping Muslim socialist he used to be“. Or at least according to a joke he made at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

Hey, we as a society have been consistently warping Buddhism through the perspective of nineteenth century romantics. Just so you know.

American Catholics: still not good at youth outreach. A Brooklyn Diocese has launched a ad campaign entitled, “Jesus was a hipster”. I’ll let old Inigo take it from here,


The right-wing fervor over supposedly anti-Christian messages in the video game Bioshock: Infinite has begun. First off, the game developer toned down the critique of Christianity, secondly, I think it’s actually about dogma more than religion. Then again, I haven’t played it yet.

Or maybe Christians in this country really are oppressed. Real oppression is when you force kids to attend Christian assemblies against their will, right?

Pat Robertson said something offensive, which is news, I guess. In other news, Donald Trump is going to speak to evangelicals about faith, which just proves that business success totally trumps morality. That’s what Jesus was all about, right?

The Boy Scouts are totally down with gay members but not gay troop leaders, which the Mormon Church is also down with. People are surprised, but basically the story here is that the Mormon church is the boy scouts.

Speaking of Mormons and homosexuality, a few liberal people such as Charlotte Robinson are celebrating a book by Ross and Ryan Poore about a Mormon missionary who murders a gay man, following the past teachings of the church. This book has been portrayed as a book about gay rights, however, my question is: why pick on the Mormons? I worry about a fringe religious group, whether Catholic or Mormon, being blamed for not accepting gay people while evangelical Christians build these giant organizations designed to prevent gay people from acquiring legal rights. Particularly when its so sensational, and claims that a fundamental religious doctrine is responsible for homophobia in a specific religion (which is exactly what fundamentalists believe, really).

I wonder if Mormon doctrine caused this Mormon bishop to repel a home invader with a Samurai Sword?

God is pissed about gun violence.

UGH. (I don’t even want to talk about this story contained in this link, this story is BYOO (Bring Your Own Outrage).

John Shore <3’s the gay Christians in an inspiring post. Somebody asked him if God wanted them to be less effeminate and he was like, “Nah bro, God made you so effeminate!” And there were lots of bro-tears and bro-hugs.

But not all Christian bros are so kind. Mark Driscoll, aka the endless parade of white Christian hipster privilege, said that nagging wives are like water torture. Yes, he really did that. Yes. Yes, I know. But if you want to read about a thousand words of highly intelligent Christians ripping this bully a new one, look no further.

Speaking of religious people who are creepily obsessed with sex, Zach Hoag builds on an article by Mary Demuth to point out that pastors who comment constantly about their “smoking hot wives” are no better than dudes bragging about their girlfriends in a locker room.

Bassem Youssef, the “Egyptian Jon Stewart” talked to the HuffPo about fundamentalism. Much like Stewart, he’s a smart guy, unlike Stewart, he might be in jail soon.

Speaking of religion and humor, Rachel Held Evans has a thoughtful post about Christian comedy.

In Saudi Arabia, polygamy still exists but is rarely practiced. Haroon Moghul’s article “Big Love, Saudi Style” explores one case of polygamy.

Hunter Todd, the founder of World Fest film festival,  immediately searched the bag of a Muslim woman because she was wearing a hijab after a fire alarm went off. And no, this isn’t me editorializing, this is in his own words. She also had a suspicious backpack that turned out to be full of water bottles. So wait – does this mean the backpack is now the Muslim equivalent of the hoodie? I guess Muslims should always just carry suitcases or purses, lest they be subject to illegal search by a civilian. That’s the lesson here, right?

Stereotyping of Indian women as passive in the media should probably stop. This long-ass essay from the Rumpus’ explores the ignored stereotypes our culture has about Indian women, and women of color in general.

Maybe it doesn’t qualify as religion news that there’s a new season of Arrested Development around the corner, but I don’t care.


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