Southern Baptist Convention Survey Finds that Nobody Agrees with The SBC’s Stance on Homosexuality

The Southern Baptist Convention’s survey organization, LifeWay, recently published a survey that shows that fewer and fewer Americans oppose rights for homosexuals.

The poll found that 58% of Americans believe that homosexual rights are civil rights, that 64% think same sex marriage is inevitable, and that 80% believe that employers should not be able to refuse employment to homosexuals.
Over at Religion Dispatches, Peter Montgomery gleefully pointed out that this probably wasn’t the response that the SBC is looking for,
Oops. There’s a saying among lawyers (and some parents) that you shouldn’t ask a question you don’t want to hear the answer to. Well, the Southern Baptist Convention just asked a lot of questions about anti-gay discrimination and marriage equality and found out that most Americans don’t think like the Southern Baptist Convention.
Not to be a raincloud, but I’m not sure what the Southern Baptist Convention wanted was to be told was that Americans agreed with them. I think what they’d rather hear is that they’re the last defense of the Christian faith, that the world is against them. After all, isn’t that what fundamentalism is all about?
But the Southern Baptist Convention’s survey wasn’t all bad for homophobes. The survey shows that a majority of Americans believe that pastors shouldn’t have to officiate same-sex weddings. Fine, whatever. But a majority of Americans also believe that wedding photographers deserve the same religious exemption. Yo, businesses are not religious institutions!



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