Sunday Roundup: Rob Bell Rob Bell Rob Bell Rob Bell Rob Bell

Everybody hates Rob (Bell), Taylor Swift brings the wrath of God on Tina Fey, and a famous Islamophobe’s buddy converts to Islam.


ROB BELL DRAMA 2013 EDITION: Everybody loves to hate Rob Bell, because it unites theological conservatives, who hate him because he is liberal, and moderate anti-evangelicals, who hate him because he “dumbs down” Christianity. They have this theory, that if you cut all his hair off, he’d look like a British man. Bell’s new book, Love Wins: For Teens, isn’t even out yet, and the scathing reviews are already all over the web.

Juicy Ecumenism sarcastically suggested that Bell’s book be titled, Fun God: Saying “Yes” to the World and referred to him as a “false teacher.” Jonathan Ryan wrote about how Love Wins: For Teens is a terribly written book. Oh my god, an evangelical produced a sub-par piece of writing? Stop the presses! No, seriously, stop Zondervan, give all pastors a Writing 101 course at their local community college, and then see what happens.

On the pro-Bell side, Greg Carey said that Rob Bell’s haters would “keep on hatin” and that Bell provided a positive vision for the future of Christianity. And Rob Bell guest pastored at his former church, Mars Hill, this week. So…maybe it’s not all hate for Bell, and his post-hell vision of Christianity?

Speaking of hell, Taylor Swift said that Amy Poehler and Tina Fey would go there for making fun of her. Christ, she’s approaching Almost Famous levels of hubris.

Even if you believe that the bible is the absolute, immutable word of God, you should care about how it might be distorted by sexist/racist illustrators of children’s bibles. A recent article by Geez found that only one of fifteen illustrated bibles were broadly non-sexist, non-racist, or non-ableist. Yikes. Do better, Bible illustrators!

Is religion a family matter? Children with divorced parents are twice as likely to change religions or to eschew organized religion as adults.

Presbyterian Minster Ben Daniel wrote about how hypocritical it is for Christians to claim that the government is infringing on the free exercise of their religion, then to fight the building of mosques tooth and nail. Go Ben!

Omad Safi wrote about how Saudi Arabia’s iconoclastic Wahabbi ideology is leading them to destroy 90% of Mecca’s sacred sites, specifically, those sacred to Shi’as.

Israeli soccer fans walked out after a Muslim player on their team scored a goal. Stay classy, Jerusalem.

Hilariously, one of the close associates of Islamophobe/fascist Geert Wilders converted to Islam this week. Even more hilariously, he said that the widespread hatred of Muslims within his party was what caused him to start looking into Islam in the first place.

You can now read the Talmud on your Ipad. Rabbi Gil Student wrote about how this might impact Judaism. Rabbi Laura Geller wrote that Judaism may inherently foster feminism. Rabbi Ari Hart wrote about what authenticity means in a false world. But no Rabbi wrote about Rob Bell.

The Vatican has blocked, a website that pushes for the arrest of bishops involved in covering up pedophilia within the church.

Catholics support gay marriage. But this isn’t really news, no matter how much people want to pretend it is. Anyway, think about that anytime somebody cites their Catholicism as the reason they can’t give equal rights to gay people. I’m looking at you, Timmy.

Speaking of homosexuality, how far can you make it through this video of a teenager rapping about how homosexuality is wrong based on scripture before you shut it off/abandon the internet forever? Gawker lovingly referred to this video as the “Soundtrack to Hell”.

A florist in Washington refused to serve a gay couple because their religious freedom allows them to. Just like the wedding-cake bakery in Oregon, they don’t actually know what religious freedom is.

“My Gods are Monty Python.” So said Eddie Izzard, who did an extended interview on his (lack of) faith for Religion Dispatches.

The Dude Abides. And in his words are a concrete theology and philosophy, according to The Atlantic.

Well, that’s all for this week. Tune in next week for information on the new Pope, and more people who don’t know anything about Catholicism blabbering about Catholicism. (Including me!) Don’t put your money on Timothy Dolan.


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