France’s Response to Police Brutality Against Muslims? Silence the Victims

France’s Interior Minister, Manuel Vallis, has threatened to ban “Stop La’Impunite”, a website that documents police brutality against Muslims. Vallis claims that the website is defamatory.

It is clear that France’s Police racially profile France’s African and Arab Muslim communities. Only 4-7% of France’s population is Muslim, but they make  up to 70% of the prison population. Compare this to America’s already egregious racial disparity in incarceration rates, where 29% of America is black or hispanic, but they make up two-thirds of the prison population. So is bad as it is here, it’s way, way worse in France.
In such an environment, it is clear that such a website is essential. An attempt by France’s notoriously Islamophobic Interior Minister to get rid of it amounts to nothing less that an endorsement of such racial targeting, or at least a complicity with it.

The website’s founder, Amal Bentounsi, started the website last year after her brother was shot in the back by a police officer.

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