Sunday Roundup: Seventeen Christian covers of “Tik Tok” and other things

Did you hear that Desmond Tutu hates drone strikes? Yay Desmond! I chose to make Tutu’s face the featured image for this post because he is super-adorable. Also, he is full of righteous anger. Tutu wrote,

Do the United States and its people really want to tell those of us who live in the rest of the world that our lives are not of the same value as yours? That President Obama can sign off on a decision to kill us with less worry about judicial scrutiny than if the target is an American? Would your Supreme Court really want to tell humankind that we, like the slave Dred Scott in the 19th century, are not as human as you are? I cannot believe it.

Hey, some stuff happened with the pope this week, and, I dunno, I guess we covered it twice already. But since Monday, a few more things have gone down. American Evangelicals are really sad the Pope is gone because they like to think that all Catholics are as conservative as they are. Some next-Pope contenders have emerged. One of the likely contenders, Peter Turkson, is in favor of Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” bill.

Roger Mahony, Archbishop of Los Angeles thru 2011 and sexual abuse cover-upper extraordinaire, will be the senior elector or the eleven American electors in the conclave to select the next pope. Who is Mahony? Just ask the New York Times, which wrote,  “No member of the Roman Catholic hierarchy fought longer and more energetically than Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles to conceal the decades-long scandal involving the rape and intimidation of children by rogue priests. For years, the cardinal withheld seamy church records from parents, victims and the public, brandishing endless litigation and fatuous claims of confidentiality.” He famously moved sexual predators across state lines so that they could avoid prosecution. This doesn’t bode well for choosing a pope who will clean up the churches’ organizational structure – Mahony is possibly the worst person in the Catholic sexual abuse scandal. And Mahony also had the gall to whine about how he has been, “publicly humiliated” in a blog post. (Mahony’s blog is truly excellent hate-reading, by the way.)

In the “aggravating blog post” news, Daniel Veniez writes on how the Catholic Church “doesn’t have to modernize.” His point is half totally legit (yes, Catholicism is unique and special and shouldn’t have to be Protestantism to be valid) and half total bullshit (Catholicism could still keep all these unique qualities and  still allow equal opportunities for women and not have a creepily secretive upper caste).

So, in non-Pope news:

Religion News Service gave us not one, but two posts on religion in Downton Abbey. The first wonders what the role of God is in the series, the second wonders where the Jews are.

Muslims in Louisville, Kentucky wanted a cemetery, but the city voted no, and then a bunch of people actually applauded. It’s cool, though, because they weren’t applauding because they’re racists – they just really hate bad zoning. While we’re on the topic of people who hate Muslims, one of them is Pat Robertson. And the police force of New York.

If you’re wondering what an interfaith-oriented Muslim’s perspective on Lent is, this is your answer.

There’s a really great article at The Middle East Report about Israel’s Palestinian voters.

No matter what your religion is, you’re more likely to think bad sex is a bigger problem to a relationship than religious differences. Even if you’re evangelical!

Speaking of evangelicals, The Huffington Post wondered if Latinos are suddenly going to become conservative because the Republican Party has so suddenly decided they like them, sort of. My guess is that if this does happen, Hispanics are going to be the ones changing evangelism, not vice-versa.

Pro-gay marriage Christian Emily Timbol writes on how there’s no biblical reason to not sell somebody a cake based on their sexuality. About half of those polled by the Huffington Post think that a business does have a right to deny gay people service, which why we have The Supreme Court. Also, try replacing “gay” with “black”, because it’s exactly the same sentiment. Or so points out Dan Savage, who compared the “anti-gay prom” in Sullivan, Indiana to the segregated proms that were popular in the South in the 70’s. By the way, according to the Associated Press, you’re only a “husband” or “wife” if you’re a straight couple. This is why I kind of hate the AP.

And in the realm of the inexplicably bad:

Evangelism met YouTube and the result was very, very abrasive. Fucknoreligiousfanart, a tumblr that collects bad religious fan-art (mostly of Jesus) from around the web, collected seventeen parodies of Kesha’s Tik Tok with Christian lyrics. Some of these are bad, others of which are bad and fairly sexist, too. DISCLAIMER: We at God Is Sometimes Great hold no legal responsibility for insanity triggered by watching any of these videos. Seriously though, they are all very unpleasant.

My personal favorite line to come out of all of this is “Wake up in the morning feeling like Lou Gigli.” I have to confess, I stopped listening to the song after that.

Your moment of Zen: a prominent white man praised the three-fifths compromise.


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  1. Rob, did you see this? The Church takes a trip to the wilderness by Annie Selak for the Washington Post . On Feb 14th
    I am enjoying your blog! Your priest relative, Alice Roberts

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