Gimme that gay, transgender, Christian music

It often seems that for everything in this world, there is a Christian variant. You want Christian rap? Christian mosh pits? Christian sex therapy? You got it.

Now, Micah’s Rule, a band from Wilmington, North Carolina, has added “Gay/Transgender Christian Music” to that list. Micah’s Rule is made up of an openly gay man, a lesbian, and a transgender woman. They’ve recently released their first CD, Walk the Road.

Chasity Scott, the group’s Contralto and a transgender woman, has a “testimony” on the group’s website about being transgender and Christian,

“Throughout my entire journey, Christ has been the one constant. At an early age, I knew that I was completely different than other young children my age. It was a little disconcerting to realize something but not know the label that was correct to attach to it. Just imagine being born in the wrong body and having to pretend for the majority of your life to be someone that you were not. I tried for many years to worship Christ the way that others would have me to do, and refused to give into the relationship that Christ had intended to have with me. I truly learned to accept myself and knew that I owed it to myself to live the life that Christ had blessed me with and not the life others felt I should live.

If this hasn’t given you the warm fuzzies, read this passage from the RNS article about Micah’s Rule,

Even before its release, the CD was already in demand at St. Jude’s. Church member Marcia Morgan believes their music has attracted more people to the church. Another St. Jude’s member Sherry Tucker Henderson bought copies for everyone in her family for Christmas.

“I listen to it day and night,” she said as she was driving to Florida on a trip. Henderson packed 35 more Micah’s Rule CDs to take to churches there. “It’s a message I think everyone needs to hear.”

I can’t find any of their music, except for “Your Cries Have Awoken the Master”, which is on their website. It’s a good, sort of gospel-esque take on modern, country-influenced Christian Rock.

Micah’s Rule are really inspiring because they make me think about what I sometimes forget – that the same religious language that can be used to oppress queer people can also inspire them. Religion is funny that way.


2 responses to “Gimme that gay, transgender, Christian music

  1. You might have missed the point. You say “the same religious language that can be used to oppress queer people can also inspire them.” I would say they are the new breed of queer Christians who are actively reconstructing Christianity. That language of Christianity doesn’t exist somewhere out there, out of reach. Every Christian takes a part in making it real through their words and actions. You will see more and more queer Christians who are unwilling to let the discourse of Christianity flow over them passively.

    • Legit. I guess what I was trying to say is that the same sort of deep structures of Christian rhetoric – the stories, core beliefs, etc. – that are used to construct a strongly homophobic Protestant church can also be a part of making a Protestant church that accepts Queer people. As you point out, It’s also definitely the case that people (and groups like Micah’s Rule) are taking an active role in remaking the language, and we shouldn’t downplay that, we shouldn’t make them non-agents.

      Thanks for your comment,

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