RNS Poll: Who Should Be The Next Pope?

It’s possible that regular readers of the Religion News Service are infinitely more well-informed than I am. It’s also true that online polls don’t mean a whole lot. But I was pretty amused when I saw RNS’ poll tonight that read: “Who Should Be The Next Pope?”

Screen shot 2013-02-15 at 9.52.34 PM

Do you know any of these names? Because I know three, and I’m a Catholic who likes to read up on this stuff. Perhaps a far better poll would be “Should the new pope continue Benedict’s legacy, or change course on issues X, Y, and Z?” Maybe it sounds like I’m splitting hairs, and on one level it’s not really a huge deal. But it’s kind of amusing that this poll even exists – as if electing a pope was the same thing as electing a President.


One response to “RNS Poll: Who Should Be The Next Pope?

  1. It is interesting that such a poll exists because nothing we say or do will make a difference. The poll is helpful though because it gives me the desire to research on the Cardinals on the list. Regarding the Conclave, I was not aware of the process and this article gives me a better understanding of how it happens. Thought I’d share it here.

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