Sunday Roundup: all homophobia, all the time

Happy weekend, everybody! I hope you survived the snowstorm. Now, to the news!

So first off, Dorothy Day is the best.

The Los Angeles Archdiocese is going to try to raise money in the midst of new revelations about the archdiocese massive coverup of the sexual abuse of children. This should go great.

There were lots of stories about non-traditional Muslim lifestyles this week. F. Yusef writes for the HuffPo about the lack of community support for LGBT Muslims, and Erika Sanchez writes on Muslim Feminism. Speaking of which, Chicago is the epicenter of a Muslim-American renaissance. Yay cultural synthesis!

Some Palestinian activists illegally camped in Hebron and were kicked out by Israeli soldiers. Apparently Israel doesn’t understand irony.

A bakery in Gresham, Oregon (or “shitty Portland”) refused to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple. In response, Ace of Cakes star Duff Goldman offered to make the couple a free wedding cake. Meanwhile, the bakery sold out its whole inventory early the day after the story broke. The bakery will most likely face a fine, since they flat-out admit to discrimination on the basis of sexuality. The owner defended his actions as an expression of religious freedom, which is bullshit. I had the pleasure of interviewing Religion Dispatches’ Candace Chellew-Hodge about this story for Portland’s KBOO, and I hope the interview will be online soon. When it is, I’ll post a link.

Speaking of homophobia, the boy scouts waffled on the whole tolerance thing. Because isn’t bigotry what scouting is really all about?

But on the good news front, somebody’s grandma stood up to their asshole homophobic preacher, so that’s great! And John Becker has a awesomely indignant article about how Matt Moore, the “ex-gay” blogger who was caught on grindr, should apologize to LGBT youth, not God.

Religion and Ethics Newsweekly has a great piece on how big Christian Rock has gotten, starring none other than TobyMac. They also have an extended cut of the TobyMac interview here.

A Christian employee quit his job because his ID number on his W2 form was 666. This is the kind of crazy shit that only protestants do. Organized religion exists for a few good reasons – and one of them is to tell you that, when you get a W2 ID number that is 666, it’s probably okay. You wouldn’t see a catholic or Muslim pull shit like this.

Speaking of crazy people, James Dobson has a fiction novel about how the family is going to go away because of demographics and stuff. It’s like Idiocracy combined with “Welcome to the Monkey House”, except without the talent.

Christian fashion week? It’s a thing. And this article is full of hilarious quotes. My favorite is, “modest does not equal frumpy.” I’m right in the middle of writing a section of my thesis about how uncomfortable evangelicals are with women on stage in church – I can’t imagine this “fashion week” is destined for widespread acceptance, but I wish them luck.

If you’re sick of Protestants, don’t worry, they’re slowly, slowly going away.

Kathrine Don, writing for Religion Dispatches, asked if “Atheists are the New Campus Crusaders“. While the growing presence of secular alliances on campuses is notable and important and probably will have a huge impact on what “atheism” is, they’re definitely not hitting anything close to Cru levels yet. thinks that feminism will offend its readers. But apparently “What religion are you?” quizzes don’t.

That’s all for this week!


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