Sunday Roundup: Christ, we’re still talking about the Contraception Mandate?

This week saw everyone get really mad that they have to provide women with birth control, even as they ignored Israel forcing birth control on many Ethiopian Immigrants (for those of you wondering how widespread this was: enough to cut the birth rate amongst Ethiopians in Israel in half). Alan Dershowitz, meanwhile, declared that there was some sort of vast left-wing conspiracy against Israel.

According to a new book, Scientology leader David Miscaviage watches Tom Cruise’s secret confession videos at night while drinking whiskey. Yikes.

Islam-haters had a week, man. Everyone was really mad when a few random Muslims in Britain threatened some people. Richard Dawkins doesn’t really get racism. In Texas, a “Muslim Day at the Captiol” caused so many threats that extra security was required. France is going to deport “radical” Imams – who, it hasn’t identified.

The Los Angeles Catholic Church finally released their “abuse files” without redacting the names of priests who helped cover up child abuse. Is it a sign that the church is finally going to work towards addressing a systematic culture of abuse? Doubtful – I think we’re on the apologize-once-everyone-is-dead plan here.

A St. Louis Pastor left an Applebees waitress a self-righteous, nasty note, “I give God 10%, why do you get 18%?” – and then left no tip. After the waitress let the internet know, the pastor got the waitress fired.

The Boy Scouts of America is going to remove its policy against LGBT leaders, however, individual chapters may make their own decisions about whether or not to accept homosexuals. Given that the Boy Scouts tend towards conservative, it may not have as huge of a splash, but its still a really positive step. For some, this just highlights the areas in which the boy scouts are still intolerant – such as their distaste for non-Christians and particularly Atheists.

Speaking of atheists, Staks Rosch wants you to know that if you’re confused about your religious identity, you’re basically an atheist. Boy, it sure is nice to be told what group I belong to!

Think Beyonce is sinful? There’s a halftime show for you!

This week was a good week for longreads.

  • A story about being a gay Muslim highlights how the dominance of conservative interpretations of religion in our world often forces liberal people out of religion.
  • Kelsey Dallas talks about how Manti T’eo fits into Mormon dating culture.
  • Want to hear about books helped create our culture of spirituality? This very, very longread is for you!

That’s all for this week! For next week’s longread, Alan will be doing an in-depth analysis of the Catholic Church’s approach to “youth” – it should be great!


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