Near-Death memoirs selling really, really well

When four year old Colin Burpo had an appendectomy, he “saw” heaven. His father, the Reverend Todd Burpo, put the story to the page – and its sold over seven million copies.

Craig Wilson writes for RNS on the phenomenon of near-death memoirs – and how they sell exceedingly well.

I wrote my junior paper on Howard Storm’s My Descent Into Death, and take it from me, these things often really toe the line of what is “Christian”. Storm talks to Jesus a lot about global warming, he sees a hell that is basically a zombie apocalypse, and he a really strange justification for abortion (when fetuses die, their souls just go into a different fetus). The popularity of these near-death narratives is indicative of how religiously creative and individual-centered modern American Christianity is – whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing is up for debate. It’ll at least give people like me something to write about.


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