McDonalds Franchisee Settles Over False Halal Claims

McDonalds and one of its franchisees, Finley’s Management Company, settled today with various members of the Muslim community in Detroit over charges that a McDonalds falsely claimed its food was halal to the tune of $700,000 dollars.

Said McDonalds advertised that its chicken was halal and purchased from a local halal provider, but restaurant employees claimed that non-halal meat was often used when the halal chicken ran out.

The plaintiff in this case, Ahmed Ahmed, said he was “thrilled” by the outcome of the lawsuit, and added that he believed McDonalds had been negligent, rather than malicious, in this case.

The winnings from the case will be split between Ahmed Ahmed, a health clinic in Detroit,  and the Arab American National Museum.

Although the Shari’a is a large body of law and varies from place to place, most interpretations of Shari’a law allow for the eating of non-halal food when no other food is available. Most Muslims are also not considered spiritually liable for food that they eat that they are told is halal, that is not halal.

More on this story is available from the Huffington Post.


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