First Ever Dating Site for Gay Mormons

It’s been a good year for gay Mormons. The Mormon Church has hinted at softening it’s restrictions on homosexuality, and liberal mormons have started taking to gay pride parades.

And for the first time, gay Mormons will have their own dating site: “Origins”, created by Andrew Markle. “Origins” is oriented at serious relationships, not hook-ups, it seeks those who want, “marriage or long term commitment.” The website is also intended to be a resource for those struggling for acceptance in their family, with their friends, or with their church.
Markle has estimated that there are 22,000 active gay Mormons in the United States.

Affirmations, a group dedicated to working for the rights of gay Mormons, voiced their support for “Origins”.

It seems unlikely that the LDS church, which has made their opinion on gay sex (or as I like to call it, sex) pretty clear – even as they acknowledge the existence and legitimacy of homosexual attraction, would endorse this site. Still, they probably won’t actively condemn it – its too much of a wedge issue.


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